VA Merchandise - Deb Rollins

Mar 23rd 2023

Mr. Marino,

I was surprised to receive a response and certainly more surprised to receive one so promptly from your company. It was a very nice letter and I do applaud your willingness to share reasons why at this time only imported articles are available at the VA Hospital stores from your company. Yes, I can understand that pricing is a major factor for many people these days when shopping for certain things. As I see your company is based in Houston,Texas and realize that you certainly employ many local workers in your business. It is another nice thing to know that you will soon be offering USA made articles so there will be a choice for customers. Thank you

very much.

The branch of service in our immediate family is the Marine Corps going back to before World War 2 to the present. But have many family and friends that have served in all branches and some of them also shop at Canteen stores and PX stores throughout the country and overseas. I will share with some of them your gracious letter to me. Again, thank you for responding and I do look forward to your future expansion of product choices.