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Who's New to Our Team?


The 3D Military family would like to welcome our newest blogger Alia Duncan. A young college student who shares an interest with social media and marketing. As an intern, she will be controlling our social media and keeping our blog updated with our latest news. Follow us on all social media platforms to stay updated with her post. 


We Support Our Troops!

JWM Wholesale is a Houston-based company proud to support our troops worldwide. Since 1999, we have produced, designed, manufactured and distributed military apparel and specialty items for retailers.WHAT MAKES 3D MILITARY DIFFERENT?Licensed Apparel and Products. We are currently licensed by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Coast Guard, [...]

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The 3D Process

We employ Texans to do in-house custom embroidery and screen printing in our Houston facility. This allows us to produce our USA made products at a high quality, low-cost and to ship rapidly.Our 3D embroidery process provides a unique look and feel to our apparel that is hard to find from other suppliers.Custom Work. [...]

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Let Joe Tell You What We're All About!

Never heard of us? Curious to know about our products? Let Joe tell you what we are all about!Collaborating with the Veteran-owned production company Texas Chance, we took a week to shoot a few videos that would help explain more about our product, our company, and our mission. In the video below, Joe Marino, our founder and owner [...]

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