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Jun 28th 2021

  Dear Patti, My name is Joe Marino and I am the owner of I just wanted you to know that I saw your comments on your cap order for your Dad.

My Dad was in the Navy for many years and he also had a very hard time at the end of his life. It would be my pleasure to pay for your Dad's cap. If it wasn't for men like our Dad's we all would not be here right now.

Please see the attachment below for a credit to your account and tell your Dad we thank him for his service!

Thanks for your support!

Joe Marino

Mr. Marino,

I am so humbled by your email and kindness. I’m completely overwhelmed.

You definitely made me cry.

I have never had anyone do anything like this for my Daddy. Thank you from the depths of my heart. I haven’t seen him in 16 months due to the strict care and lockdowns of the V. A.

My daddy did have Covid after receiving the vaccine and GOD IS GOOD, he had low symptoms and no complications, but,

it really pushed the dementia into a deeper increased stage. I was not prepared for that.

I’m very grateful for his team of Care Staff. They have been remarkable during this time and on his “ lost days “ meaning he doesn’t remember me or my name or that he has a Daughter, they greatly support and encourage me.

I chose your company because of what you stand for and believe in. Daddy served his country, served God as a Pastor for many years and he served his family and others.

My Daddy loves hats and Mounds candy bars. And when he eats, chocolate milk and cheeseburgers are his choice. At 86, he deserves the little things that make him happy and his day a bit brighter.

I wish this Country felt more deeply as we do about the sacrifices our families have made. Those who lost their parents in wars, and those lost after serving and coming home and now as my Daddy is living, losing himself and his memories. It’s heart wrenching to walk this journey but I am a PROUD Veterans daughter, as you are a Son of what our Dad’s gave.

I will ask the staff to take a photo of my Daddy when he receives his hat and will email it to you,

so you can see this man that you have honored and blessed today.

THANK YOU, for this. Blessings come when you feel your lowest and God knew I needed needed a big boost in my faith today. May he bless you and your company beyond all measure.

Thank you for loving our Veterans and your military


Not sure if you have them, or if they would be a seller for you, but I would certainly wear a VETERANS DAUGHTER hat! Just an idea! 

In fact, I did order one of your ARMY hats for myself to wear to honor Daddy and just feel close to him on those days I personally feel lost without him.

I will ALWAYS support your company!

From the depths of this Daughters soul,

Thank You and God bless you greatly today, and always!!!

Patti Dee Byrum

Proud Daughter of Army Veteran-Korean War,

Bobby J. Childress