My Veterans Day Tribute to My Dad Who Is Possibly Superman

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My next 3DMilitaryWear guest blog post is in thanks and appreciation of all veterans this Veterans Day. I know many veterans, but the one I know and love the most is my Dad.

As I mentioned in the last post, I gave my Dad a 3DMilitaryWear Air Force Jersey and Vietnam Veteran hat last week so he could wear them for Veterans Day. Loves them! When I called him this morning at 9:00 am, he was already sporting them.

This is a picture Mom took of us. I like this picture because he was so happy:

Air Force Jersey Aim High

This is a picture I took. Dad loves laughing and making people laugh, so this gives you a sense of his personality:

When I visited him last time, I saw an album of pictures of him that I had never seen. Mom has been sorting pictures thought Dad would like to have this album. 

I asked both Mom and Dad if I could share them with the internet people for Veterans Day and they said sure. Dad said there were probably better veterans to honor, but I told him none of them was my Dad.

I have a secret that you should not tell anybody. My Dad is possibly Superman.

I mean, look at this picture of Dad and baby me. Very Clark Kent. 

My Dad was in the Air Force. This is him styling some in front of a Thunderbird.

This is Dad and his sister. He did not fly planes because he claims his eyesight was too bad. Sure, like Superman would admit to having x-ray vision.

The guy on the left is Dad. Likely took a little off of that punch as Superman doesn't want to kill people. He played rugby, football, volleyball, and badminton too. He doesn't look like a badminton player but he won many medals in Senior Olympics playing badminton. He enjoyed catamaran sailing and body surfing too.

Before I was born, he was stationed in Alaska doing work on radar stations. I believe this is a picture of him in the hut where they watched movies. He's the guy with the biggest smile. It was so cold, everyone wore their parkas to watch movies. He remembers watching North to Alaska in Alaska.

When I was little, he went to Vietnam. I remember being asked to draw a picture of what my Dad did for a living. I had no idea what Being In Vietnam meant. So I drew a picture of him as a shoe salesman because I had recently got some shoes. I knew how to draw that.

To keep in touch, he sent me a few cassette tapes of him having conversations with Alvin, of Alvin and the Chipmunks. And they'd be having conversations talking to me. That was awesome. I still have no idea how he did that. I listened a million times to them. 

This is Dad in Vietnam celebrating Christmas with the gift of cigs and PBR. At home he didn't smoke. He says he quit when I was a baby because I ate ashes. He gave up drinking many years ago, but at a party he told me he took his glasses off when he drank because he couldn't see anyway. Which is probably what Clark Kent said too. We don't know for certain as the comics do not cover every single day of his youth, do they?

Another picture of him in Vietnam....reading a Superman comic book. Which issue?

Mom and Dad had seven (!!!!!!!) kids. I'm the oldest. Though I am not certain that Dad is Superman, I am sure Mom is Superwoman. Each one of us were born in different states where we were stationed over the years, and Mom was in charge of the moves. 

I have no idea how she did that.

Mom was from a big family and Dad was not, but he loved being around kids and still does. Except when we produced diaper kryptonite: 

If he is not Superman, then he is Santa. He bought a real nice Santa outfit back in the day when those were hard to find, and was everybody's Santa for over 20 years.

My Dad has the biggest heart and just loves people. 

Hope you enjoyed these cool pictures of my Dad in the Air Force that I saw for the first time last week. 

Hi Mom and Dad, and the all the relatives on Facebook who may see this. I love you!

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