Veteran information round table at Radio Station 105.3 Dabang in Houston, Texas.


Our owner Joe Marino recently participated in a Veteran Information round table at Radio Station 105.3 DaBang in Houston, Texas and wrote the following piece:

I recently participated in a veteran information round table at radio station FM 105.3 DABANG in Houston, Texas. With Ms. Jan Taylor (Revitalize Communities) and DJ Leena Shah.

The talk included Mr. Eli Rasheem, an Air Force Veteran who has started a company called EDS Tech. They train vets for tech jobs in fiber optic cables and to be drone technicians. He had a former student who called to explain how great this program has been for him. The jobs they train for pay between $45,000 and $60,000 and training program is only a few weeks.
Another topic that was really surprising was when Mr. Adam Khan talked about being a Pakistani born American Veteran. It was very interesting to hear the perspective of war from someone who comes from the area, but fought for the U.S. He made us all realize that it is America that his family and people truly care for. Even enough to fight for. It is something that most Americans are truly not aware of.

There was also Master Sargent Silvester Arrambide from Ellington Air Force base in Houston who gave great perspective of what veterans have to do to acclimate themselves to civilian life. He works with many veterans to put them on the right path forward.

It was then my turn to talk about how we supply the VA shops (canteens) with Military logo apparel so veterans can be proud of their service. I also brought up the topic of stand owns at the VA. This is one of the best and most productive activities the VA does to help navigate Veterans through the paper work process. supplied the VA with giveaways for the stand downs such as backpacks filled with hygiene essentials.
Once again I would like to thank Jan Taylor, Leena Shah, 105.3 DABANG owner Moid (Mike) Khan, and all of the panelists for a great and informative session. Also had a lot of fun at the after show video party giving out all the merchandise such as:

to the veteran panel.

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