The 3D Military Wear Gift Guide for Great Americans

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Are you a great American? Do you want to buy gifts for great Americans? 

The cool gifts available on is vast, so I'm putting this gift guide together as I try to be a helpful person.

And, to get 15% off your gifts, please type in the word 'GIFTS" at checkout. Easy. 

The promo code even works if you are buying these things for yourself as a great American. You deserve great things.

Last month, I toured the Houston-based 3DMilitaryWear warehouse and showroom, saw the quality of the items, how some of them were designed and created on-site and what looked the coolest to me.

I didn't realize until I talked to the nice folks there that if you purchase officially-licensed military stuff, the licensing fee goes to support troop morale. If you buy through 3DMilitaryWear, you are assured that this stuff isn't knock offs benefitting an overseas company. 

Way to go, you.

My Gift Guide for Great Americans:

Military Hats.

Hats are a thoughtful, inexpensive gift and you can never have too many.

3DMilitaryWear has a metric bleep ton of military hats: ball caps, knit caps, head wraps, boonie cover hats for various headwear wants and needs. It is organized by service and veteran groups on the site under "Headwear."

It's a big warehouse. There are many cool hats so you can dial it in to what suits your taste.

Often simple and warm is nice:

Fleece Is Your Friend.

3DMilitaryWear does a lot of business in fleece. Because it is soft and practical and makes your life better.

I like their blankets. This is a sharp looking, inexpensive gift:

Fleece jackets are great too:

Military Tool Boxes.

One of the first things I noticed in 3DMlitaryWear industry showroom was these fantastic officially-licensed, military toolboxes. They are more project-sized versus a large tool box, but they are fine and well made.

Here's a link to Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Vietnam Veteran tool boxes.

Motorcycle Half Helmets, Vests, Leather Jackets.

When I was in school, I rode a scooter to get around because I couldn't afford a car. Which isn't anywhere near as cool as a motorcycle but worked very well for basic transportation.

I would have totally worn this American Eagle Flag Motorcycle Half Helmet:

All of the 3DMilitaryWear helmets have fantastic designs and look even better in person. Here's a link to Navy, POW, Tuskegee Airman, Marines, Army, Vietnam Veteran, and American Eagle Flag Motorcycle Half Helmets and some head wraps to go with them.

Want to go full boogie great American biker? They also have soft-touch leather military vests and leather military jackets too that are pretty fine.

Not a leather jacket wearer? Well, this is America, and you have choices, and 3DMilitaryWear has lots of different military jackets for different tastes and temps.

Veteran and Thank-A-Vet Gear

Getting gear for a veteran of war, yourself or someone else? Thank you or them, and check out the veteran-related gear pages

Want a gift for troop supporters? They have a Thank a Vet hat and t-shirt plus shirts for Red Shirt Fridays to show support for troops.

Military Sports Jerseys.

From year to year, your favorite sports team may not be very good. I'm sorry about that, but Team America always makes the playoffs.

Here's me and my dad holding the Air Force Baseball Jersey I gave him as a gift:


The nice thing about the baseball jerseys is that you can leave them unbuttoned and wear a t-shirt underneath. I wish the picture could show how good the quality and the stitching on this jersey is. When I was taking it to my dad, I had many people stop me and ask where I got it because it is cool and better quality than sports league jerseys

Here's a link to the Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy Baseball Jerseys.

The Football Jerseys are extremely well made too. A best seller is the Vietnam Veteran Football Jersey, and you can find the Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy, and Vietnam Veteran Football Jerseys here.

Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and Tees.

I like practical gifts. There are a ton of great looking sweatshirtshoodies, and tees on the site.

I'm particularly fond of the hoodies. Very soft and well made:

Made in the U.S.A. Products.

You like supporting American companies? Of course you do if you are reading this. I also like supporting my friends at a Houston-based company which is why I'm writing this sentence because supporting employment locally is a good thing.

Though it can be difficult to find 100% American-made products, 3DMilitaryWear has an entire section of their website that is Made in the U.S.A. Products.

Some of my favorites?

Made in the U.S.A. Military Trucker Caps.

I am fond of trucker hats and 3DMilitaryWear ones are particularly well made. I had no idea you could make a particularly good trucker hat until the friendly people at the warehouse showed me how they designed this particular hat to have extra-soft foam to conform to your head. 

Once I felt that, I was all, 'Yes, that is better than a regular trucker hat." 

This makes sense. What this company does is create, design, find, manufacture military wear, often based on feedback that they get directly from customers. Why not make the best trucker hat for you can for military folks if you are designing them?

Here's a link to all the Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy Foam Mesh Trucker Caps.


Made in the U.S.A. Military Sweatpants

Some stereotypes are true: I am a blogger. I love sweatpants.

These lightweight, elastic, loungewear-thin jersey military sweatpants are awesome. They are basically pajama bottoms you can wear in public without being socially unacceptable.

They were created by 3DMilitaryWear in response to an important need. Often when military folks are in the hospital, they don't want to wear gowns, and they need something easy to get on and off, get over medical devices, wear in public parts of the hospital. These were designed in sizes from M to 6XL for just this purpose.

But you don't have to be in the hospital to wear them. Nice.

Here's a link to all the Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy, Vietnam Veteran Jersey Pants.

Made in the U.S.A. Military Travel Mugs

Automobiles with lots of cup holders are up there with stretch jeans as one of the best creations of recent times. 

These 3DMilitaryWear Made in the U.S.A. Military Travel Mugs are worthy of your road trips. They are cool, well designed, high-gloss and can go in the dishwasher. A practical way to hold 24 oz of double-walled insulated beverage goodness.

Here's a link to all the Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy Travel Mugs.


I hope you have found this gift guide helpful for your gift purchasing needs. Especially if the gift is for yourself.

If you have any questions about the products and sizing, please contact 3DMilitaryWear. They are nice people and want you to be happy with your purchase.

(Our guest blogger is our friend Stephanie Stradley (@StephStradley), a Houston-based NFL writer. If you end up buying something, let her know what it is).