3D Military Wear is giving away free stuff to celebrate Super Bowl week

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One of the best things about being a guest blogger for my friends at Houston-based 3DMilitaryWear.com is the opportunity to give high-quality stuff away to military members and their families.


In celebration of Super Bowl week being in Houston, they have given me a selection of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine flagsball caps, and lanyards to give away while I am attending various Super Bowl-related events this week. 

Basically, I'm giving away small items that I can carry with me as I wander the earth.

The military lanyards were designed specifically by 3DMilitaryWear in response to feedback from various branches, and have graphics on both sides of the lanyards.

Everybody can use an extra ball cap, and the military flags have fantastic graphics.

And everything I am giving away is officially licensed products, not knockoffs. 

Let me give you a military football jersey.

Not in town? Or I don't see you because one of the millions of people in Houston?

Well, we got you. We are giving away four military football jerseys, one of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Please follow the military football jersey giveaway link, put your name in the drawing, and win. The winners will be announced after Super Bowl Sunday, and I hope you win and send me a picture of you or your family member wearing it.

I am fussy about sports jerseys, and the quality and price of the 3DMilitaryWear football and baseball jerseys is really good. When I took one of the baseball jerseys to my dad, I had many people stop me to ask where I got it. They are well made and unlike sports jerseys, doesn't represent a player that is traded or cut.

(Our guest blogger is our friend Stephanie Stradley (@StephStradley), a Houston-based NFL writer. If you end up buying something, let her know what it is).